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Innovation, Tech Entrepreneurship, community building, student development

In February 2004, in a dorm room at Harvard University Mark Zuckerberg, launched a website that is currently worth over $600+ Billion, now that is the part of the narrative that is popular. It is my belief that Mark had his environment as an added advantage to further foster the growth and rapid expansion of Facebook, and I must say that in Rivers State University there are Mark Zuckerberg’s and Bill Gate’s who are yet to be seen simply because the needed environment that will encourage their growth has not been created. The dream of the Accelerate hub is to create that enabling environment and encourage innovation even in our school ecosystem, not just leaving students to follow the conventional methodology of “graduate first, think later”. With the establishment of the accelerate hub, student tech startups would finally get a platform to easily work, innovate, collaborate and synergize with other tech startups and other experts outside their reach to motivate, inspired, and tutor them.

- Godwin Jimmy (founder, Accelerate Hub)

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Our Core Focus

Student Development

Student development is the core and the heartbeat of Accelerate hub, this is why we plan regular programs and event that enlightens and exposes students to extracurricular technological-based activities and sessions.

Mobile Application Solutions

We also center our energy on the development of mobile application development. With the understanding of the constant need for mobile application solutions, we seek new ways to solve those problems with the use of mobile applications.

Agriculture Technology

As our economy continues to expand the need for an expansion in the agricultural sector is on the increase this is why as a technologically based community we seek ways that technology can be integrated into agriculture to foster the growth and expansion of the agricultural sector.

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Development

Pushing the barriers of technology with VR/AR, starting with its development, we aim to bring digital solutions to Varsities, solving technical problems and tech innovations through learning.

Accelerate and SDG

Accelerate Innovation Hub is focused on solving few SDG goals, as part of our commitment to a better society and world.

We are committed to solving SDG 4, 5, and 11, which are “Quality Education, Gender Equality and Sustainable cities” respectively.

Having that in our agenda, we have put in place, different programs, projects, and guides that will help us accomplish that.


Project Sabbi - coming soon


Hackathon - coming soon