Opportunities In Tech For Females

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The opportunities in tech for females was an event hosted by Accelerate Innovation Hub on the 11th of December, 2019.

The objective of the event was to create awareness of the robust opportunities available in the tech space, especially for females. Considering the fact that technology is advancing in the world today, and the female is lacking behind in the tech industry as most times females shy away from the field. Hence, this event was organized to sensitize the females in the campus environment of opportunities that are available to them in the tech industry; The need to acquire tech skills, and ways these skills can be monetized.

Different speakers from different fields were invited to speak on varieties of topics to the males and females present for the event and amongst the speaker was The Vice-Chancellor, Rivers State University Mrs. Opuenebo Binya Owei who admonished the students in attendance on the need to acquire a tech skill and how advanced countries are promoting the use of technology and Nigeria still has more work to put in.

Another amongst the speakers was Blessing Anyanwu a graphic designer who talked about Business Opportunities in Tech for Females. In her talk, she gave an exposition in some areas in Technology that females can venture into and make a profit. She dwelt extensively on the following:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Programming
  • Graphics Designing

Among the outstanding speakers was Dr. Harcourt Whyte who is a senior lecturer in the Department of Mass communication and he encouraging females to participate in Technology. He further stated some areas that can be ventured into. He also talked about IT Architecture, IT Security, Programming, Cloud systems Administrator and he gave some locations on where to get IT certification in Port Harcourt such as NIIT, Afrihub, Labtech, First Logic, and many more.

Also, Success and Ryan from Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub who are the founders of TinX gave us a brief talk on Virtual and Argumente Reality.

Ugochukwu Nkwocha the CEO of 9ja Kids Code Academy also gave a talk on Start Now. According to him, women have done great in the tech space and he mentioned some examples of women that are breaking grounds in Technology such as Susan Wojcicki who is the president of Youtube, Melanie Perkins who is a co-founder of canva, Odunayo Eweniyi the founder of piggybank.ng and many more. and he also admonished the females that if the women he has mentioned can do greatly they too can even do more only if they start now.

A final talk for the day was delivered by Jimmy Godwin founder of the Accelerate hub.

In his talk, he stated that the mindsets created by our culture are responsible for why women are not participating in technology. He urged participants to break out of that mindset and start participating in technology. Consequently, the opportunities that abound in tech for women cannot be overemphasized.


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