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Accelerate Hub is a technology incubation hub that focuses on facilitating student development in the area of information technology and tech-entrepreneurship. We aim to create a community that prompts collaboration and synergy for student tech enthusiasts. The accelerate hub will also be an incubation hub where futuristic ideas would be encouraged, reshaped, and funded when within the confines of our budget.

Our Core Focus

Student Development

Student development is the core and the heartbeat of Accelerate hub, this is why we plan regular programs and event that enlightens and exposes students to extracurricular technological-based activities and sessions.

Mobile Application Solutions

We also center our energy on the development of mobile application development. With the understanding of the constant need for mobile application solutions, we seek new ways to solve those problems with the use of mobile applications.

Agriculture Technology

As our economy continues to expand the need for an expansion in the agricultural sector is on the increase this is why as a technologically based community we seek ways that technology can be integrated into agriculture to foster the growth and expansion of the agricultural sector.

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Development

Pushing the barriers of technology with VR/AR, starting with its development, we aim to bring digital solutions to Varsities, solving technical problems and tech innovations through learning.

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